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With so many details and never enough time, starting a new association is no small task.


Virtual is here to help. We are association management experts with a tried-and-true set of methodologies and services to help launch and position new organizations for long-term success.

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Virtual Insights

The Seven Habits of Successful New Associations

Whether you’re a new president, a new company or a new association, the path to success or failure is often set in the first 100 days. Over the past 10 years, Virtual has helped dozens of organizations find and pursue that path. Here’s how your organization can emulate their success.

Benefits of Incorporation

As standards initiatives develop, a fork in the road that many hit is the question on whether to formally incorporate the entity or continue operating informally under a more informal structure, often referred to as a “promoter-adopter” model.

Top Six Things to Look for in an Association Management Company

Half of Virtual’s clients have come to us from other Association Management Companies (AMCs), giving us a window into some of the challenges organizations face. Here are six things to look for when selecting an AMC.

Will it Fly?

Common missteps and pitfalls to avoid when starting a 501(c)(6).


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