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Virtual is the leading technology-focused association management company, combining advanced systems, industry best practices and innovation to give smaller and mid-sized associations world class business operations. We work with technology-industry trade associations, standard-setting organizations, industry alliances, professional societies, consortia and forums, providing the full gamut of operational services from strategic counsel to back-office operations. We can help make your group more successful – and do it faster than you can on your own.

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Done well, using social media makes all your other objectives easier. Whether your association works to build awareness, create industry standards, provide certification programs, or promote field adv [...]

Most of the movies I go to are pretty good. Same thing for most of the plays I attend. But here’s the cold, hard truth. Most of the business presentations I go to are pretty awful. On one hand, it’s n [...]

“Management is about coping with complexity. Leadership is about coping with change.” - John Kotter, Harvard University, Leading Change It was only about two years ago, when I started as a Program Coo [...]

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CXPA’s founders knew that they were onto something. They had identified a space in need of an association and had ideas on how to make it all come together, but needed help turning their vision into a reality.


Virtual conceptualized and helped launch the professional association, providing guidance on membership structure, core benefits, marketing and brand identity.


CXPA has become the premier networking and education source for customer experience professionals, with 1,000 members in the first year and a number of successful programs.

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