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Virtual is the first association management company to combine advanced technology, industry best practices and innovation to give small and mid-sized associations world-class business operations. Virtual provides strategic counsel to your Board, manages back-office operations and does everything in between. We can make your association more successful – and do it faster than you can on your own. Learn about how we transform trade associations, standard-setting organizations, industry alliances, professional societies, consortia and forums, advocacy groups, online communities and more.

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A very smart polling professional once told me the formula for satisfaction was “S=P-E” Put another (actually understandable) way, Satisfaction equals Performance minus Expectations.  I love this. As consumers, we see this all the time. Che [...]

A lot is made about bad customer service. But let me tell you, customers themselves are no picnic.  Tom Peters once said “when your flight is messed up and you approach the counter, treat that person like she is the only person in the world [...]

One of my favorite travel apps is TripIt. It does a great job organizing my travel world. According to TripIt, with the flight I’m currently sitting on, I have 241,745 miles flown since January 1, 2013. By comparison, the moon is 238,900 mi [...]

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CXPA’s founders knew that they were onto something. They had identified a space in need of an association and had ideas on how to make it all come together, but needed help turning their vision into a reality.


Virtual conceptualized and helped launch the professional association, providing guidance on membership structure, core benefits, marketing and brand identity.


CXPA has become the premier networking and education source for customer experience professionals, with 1,000 members in the first year and a number of successful programs.

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